Dear Readers:)

Merging Hemispheres, my store name, my instagram name and my blog name .

The dilemma between, do you want someone to remember your branding, or do you want the name to represent its own?

I came to the decision that, I want people to wonder what this is, click into my pages, and find out what this is all about.

One thing about when I draw figures, facial expressions, fingers, is enjoying it when I get the details correct! I remember reading some anatomical measurements, where the body height equals to 8 heads, distance between nipples on chest is one head, etc, etc. It’s just like when you draw Mini Mouse but you miss out the eye lashes, it looks like Mickey.

Merging Hemispheres, is my realization that I particular enjoy a piece of art when it includes some logical calculations. Whether it is about proportions, or colour combinations. Through my art I try to show the above.

Through my blog I try to show what I am and have been observing. Through my observations I learn and express!

Thank You for dropping by Merging Hemispheres!

Rachel Ho


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